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Al Roker is going to have a new baby in his “neck of the woods,” as his oldest daughter Courtney is expecting a child.
He announced the news Wednesday on the “Today” show with a video his daughter posted on Instagram sharing the big news with her husband, Wesley Laga. 
“They are expecting a baby,” Roker said. “It means I’m going to be a grandpa. Deborah (Roberts) is still not sure about the grandma thing. We’re very excited.” 
Roker said though he’s known for a while, the prospect of being a grandparent still hasn’t sunken in. But he already has a grandfather name in mind. 
“I think in honor of my dad, I’m going to go with pop-pop,” he told his co-anchors.
Roker shared the news again on the third hour of the morning show. Roker and his co-anchors Sheinelle Jones, Craig Melvin and Dylan Dreyer celebrated with a champagne toast and gifted the weather anchor with “Today” show onesies. 
.@alroker is going to be a grandfather! “I think in honor of my dad, I’m going to try to go for Pop-Pop.” ❤️ Congratulations Courtney and Wesley!
Roker said he will be expecting to lock in his grandfather title this summer when the baby is due. 
Courtney wed her husband Wesley in a June 2021 New Jersey wedding. Roker’s youngest daughter, 22-year-old Leila, was her big sister’s maid of honor. Roker’s 18-year-old son Nick was in the wedding as a groomsman. 
The “Today” show weather anchor captured the romantic day, posting several pictures from the celebration, including a black-and-white photo of him and Courtney swaying on the dance floor.  
“A perfect magical evening being there for the marriage of my first princess,” Roker wrote on Instagram. 
His co-workers Jones, Hoda Kotb and Melvin also attended the summertime nuptials. 
Courtney and Laga announced their engagement in April 2020 on Instagram. The proposal was supposed to take place in Paris, but with coronavirus shuttering travel for the time being, Laga proposed at home instead. 


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