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The new collection features multiple Batmen, Flashes, and a surprise hero.
As the summer approaches there’s no film as highly anticipated as The Flash. The Andy Muschietti film will feature a multiverse adventure, the return of both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s versions of Batman, and the debut of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. As DC fans get closer to the film’s June release date, the merchandise for The Flash has slowly been speeding up. Now Funko has unveiled their massive second wave for this superhero epic.
Wave 2 includes a whopping 13 figures. There are five Batman Pops, four of Keaton and one of Affleck. The Keaton pops include a Walmart exclusive battle damaged Batman, a Hot Topic exclusive Diamond Edition Batman, a PX Previews exclusive Unmasked Batman, and Batman flying in his iconic Batwing. The Affleck version sees his Dark Knight in his updated Battle Armor that have hints of navy blue which are very reminiscent of Neil Adams’ Batman of the 70s and how the character appears in Batman: Hush.
This new wave also has various versions of The Flash. There’s a Funko Shop exclusive of young Barry Allen in cute robe, a Gamestop exclusive metallic Flash, a glow-in-the-dark Amazon exclusive of Flash mid-run, and a deluxe Funko Moment that appears to be Flash saving babies outside a hospital. If that's not enough Flash for your DC loving heart, there’s also a version of Barry in a prototype Flash costume and the alternate universe Barry in a Flash costume made from the Batsuit seen in Batman Returns. In addition to Barry, Wave 2 will feature Flash’s love interest Iris West who’s being played by Kiersey Clemons in the film reprising her brief role from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
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While there’s still no confirmation of whom the main villain of Flash will be, one of the most popular DC villains General Zod will be featured in the film played once again by Michael Shannon who first played the character in Man of Steel. His new Pop version sees the Superman villain armored up and ready for war. The big hook of this film sees Barry be transported to an alternate timeline where Zod won the battle in Man of Steel because there were no metahumans to stop him.
The final Pop in Wave 2 is a potential spoiler for the film as it depicts Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman with the lasso of truth, wind blowing through her hair, as she prepares for battle. There were rumors that Wonder Woman had a cameo in Flash dating all the way back to October of last year and that Warner Brothers were still deciding if they were going to keep her in the film. It was also rumored that Henry Cavill’s Superman shot a cameo as well, but whether these two DC titans actually are in the film remains to be seen. Toys are never a good indication of a particular character appearing in a film. That being said, would DC and WB allow Funko to release a new Wonder Woman Pop tied to The Flash if that wasn’t the case? WB doesn’t have a good track record of keeping Wonder Woman a secret after all.
The Flash releases in theaters on June 16, 2023, but the DC film will premiere two months earlier at CinemaCon in April. The word of mouth has been extremely positive, including new DC Studios co-head James Gunn who called the film amazing. While we wait for The Flash to finally release you can pre-order Wave 2 of the film’s Pop on Funko’s website. The figures can be previewed down below. Wave 1 of Flash's Funko line is available now.
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