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Following his divorce from Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady has been through a rough patch. Losing his family, and retiring from his game, the former NFL quarterback was further romantically linked with different celebrities and models. However, Brady never personally denied or confirmed any speculations.
Probably fueling romance rumors to make his ex-wife jealous, sources close to Tom Brady reveal his association with a “blond superstar”. Boasting among his inner circle, Brady is said to enjoy the attention of celebrity gossip enthusiasts. Sources reveal his alleged techniques of making headlines about his love life only to make his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen jealous. 
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Legendary NFL quarterback not only suffered a rough finale on the field but also in his life. Going through a high-profile divorce from his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen after 13 years of marriage, Brady even separated from his kids, with Bundchenbring their primary carer. Further, the ex-NFL quarterback even decided to retire from his game. To make things even worse, the 45-year-old suffered a major financial loss when FTX (crypto exchange platform) went bankrupt. 
Overcoming the negativity in his life, Brady is trying to focus on his well-being and co-parenting his children. Amid his life goals, the former NFL player is making headlines at times for his alleged association with superstars and models. Enjoying the attention of celebrity gossip enthusiasts, once in a while, because of his alleged romantic association, Brady is reportedly trying is overcome his post-break-up blues. 
Previously linked with the model Veronika Rajek, the 45-year-old never addressed the rumors. He was further rumored to have had an affair with Taylor Swift after her breakup. However, one speculation that kept swirling is his romantic affair with Hollywood superstar, Reese Witherspoon. Without addressing the rumor directly, sources close to Brady revealed how the player is fueling the speculations to gain the attention of his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. 
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With the rumor mill churning Tom Brady’s association with the mysterious blonde celebrity, the former quarterback is said to be using the rumors for his own benefit. It is claimed that Brady is going the extra mile to hide “his misery” after his shocking divorce from Gisele Bündchen. Sources close to him claimed, “Seeing Gisele flourish solo is eating away at him”. 
Thus, trying to make as many headlines as his ex-wife in order to make her jealous, the 45-year-old is said to be fueling his romance rumors. Insiders claimed, Tom Brady has been boasting to his inner circle about secretly dating a “blonde-haired superstar”. Although the identity of Brady’s anonymous lover is unknown, sources believe the player isn’t quite interested in a serious relationship. 
Allegedly attempting to make his ex-wife jealous, sources close to the 45-year-old stated, “He just wants to make Gisele jealous and project the image that he’s a happy bachelor who’s got it made.” Previously claiming, Brady would be “looking for a regular girl he can settle down with”, sources currently believe the quarterback isn’t ready for a long-term commitment. 
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