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Becoming mostly clear and cool. .
Becoming mostly clear and cool.
Updated: May 23, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

High Desert opens at a chichi home during Denny and Peggy’s (Matt Dillon and Patricia Arquette) boisterous family party. Festivities soon are interrupted by a police raid, leading people to feverishly try flushing huge bags of drugs during their hilarious panic.
With a start like that, expect this darkly comic series to be one fun ride. Arquette is its energetic center, a now down-on-her-luck but optimistic hustler and recovering addict who becomes a part-time investigator.
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“She’s a flawed person with a complicated survival mechanism,” Arquette says of bighearted Peggy, who’s determined to earn back the respect of her siblings after the death of their mom (Bernadette Peters, who shows up in a separate, fascinating role during the season’s eight episodes).
Peggy wheedles her way into working for emotionally fragile PI Bruce (Brad Garrett). She convinces him she has a scheme to save his failing business that involves anchorman turned crooked shaman Guru Bob (Rupert Friend), the ex-boyfriend of Peggy’s coworker at her other gig: a historical reenactor at the cheesy Pioneertown. “She’s attracted to and repulsed by Bob, and they end up in danger together,” Arquette reveals.
Trying to save her is parolee/fellow addict Denny — whom she hopes to divorce. Driving her beat-up dune buggy, Peggy is very much on her own twisty path. Says Arquette, “She has enough knowledge of [any one thing] to make her kind of dangerous.”
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Becoming mostly clear and cool.
Becoming mostly clear and cool.
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