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Streaming star iShowSpeed was left a bit shocked when he was gifted a pair of rare Cristiano Ronaldo-themed Nike Air Max shoes after he appeared on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping show. 
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, it is pretty hard not to know about iShowSpeed’s hero obsession with footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. 
The YouTube streamer constantly mimics the Portuguese forward’s iconic ‘Siuu’ celebration, even making it a catchphrase of his own, and has traveled across the globe to see him in action. Though, his stream died when he finally managed to see Ronaldo take to the pitch during the 2022 World Cup. 
Naturally, Speed has started collectible a fair few bits of Ronaldo memorabilia, wearing his shirts and boots whenever he plays football. Now though, he’s received an extremely rare piece of clothing to add to that collection. 
It went down during his recent appearance on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping YouTube series, as Speed was quizzed about his streaming success, all the while trying to look at shoes. 
The show’s host, Joe La Puma, centered on his love of Ronaldo and started talking about a rare pair of CR7 Nike Air Max that he owned. He showed them to Speed and while the YouTuber jokingly tried to steal them, the Complex host said they were a gift anyway.
“I have never seen those,” Speed said, before getting a little emotional. “Thank you man. CR7! And these are rare made? These are the only shoes I’ll wear.” 
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The shoes, which were originally released in 2017, are only available through resellers these days, with listings on StockX and NovelShip going upwards of $2000 for the size Speed got. 
Its not very likely that Speed would sell them on anyway, so if ever does get to meet his hero, maybe he’ll bust them out there.


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