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Star speaks out on relationship rumours
Many questions have been asked about a possible romantic reunion between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson after Kim and her daughter North attended a Lakers game last week, showing their support for the father of her nieces and nephews.
The relationship between the socialite Khloe and basketballer Thompson officially ended in December 2021, after it emerged through a paternity suit that Thompson had cheated and got another woman pregnant as a result of that infidelity.
All this while the two had decided to have a second child together through surrogacy.
The Good American co-founder has decided to put a stop to the speculation and come out herself and speak about what’s going on with the father of her children.
It all started after Deuxmoi, an Instagram account that publishes celebrity gossip, claimed that the two were back together. Khloe then gave her side of the story in the comments of the post.
“Stop pushing this narrative. It’s tiring,” Khloe wrote.
“I suppose you guys will continue the narrative you want regardless of what I say so what’s the point. It’s exhausting but I learned people will only understand to the level of their own perception. Most are stuck at believing the lies because it’s the narrative they want to fuel. Have fun…
“Some things are just as simple as they seem. A family member supporting another family member ESPECIALLY during a difficult time in life.”
Khloe gave the example of the relationship she has with Scott Disick, ex-partner of Kourtney and father of her nephews, with whom she gets along very well despite the fact that her sister has already rebuilt her life with Travis Barker.
“Example… just how I support Scott and will forever support him. He’s my brother,” wrote Khloe.
“It’s just not on an nba stage. Sad new world, if there’s no photos people think it really didn’t happen but yes, I see Scott often.
“Some things really are just as they are.”
The youngest of the Kardashian sisters has previously said she wants to have a healthy relationship with Tristan, because of the two children they have together.
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