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Two global events are coming to Levi's Stadium in 2026. The FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl 60.
SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) — Two global events are coming to Levi's Stadium in 2026. The FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl 60.
The president of the 49ers said the bid to have Super Bowl return to the Bay Area has been going on for six months.
It was important to be in the West Coast rotation.
"I have to give a ton of credit to Jed York, and the York family but in true Bay Area fashion never resting on our laurels – we knew with Sofi Stadium coming online, Allegiant coming online, that there's a ton of competition for these world class events," Guido said.
Guido said by the time Super 60 kicks off there will be $175 million put into improving Levi's Stadium.
"We don't get this event without that, we don't get the World Cup without that- we know it," Guido said.
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Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor said just having one of those global sporting events is outstanding, but to have two within a few months of each other will take a lot of planning.
"World Cup alone could be you know multiple games in our city it's not just one game so like Super Bowl we know what to expect with Super Bowl," Gillmor said.
Gillmor said she plans to work with the Host Committee to bring more fan celebrations near Levi's Stadium leading up to game day.
"I do want to see more events in the South Bay a lot more than what we had last time. The only events we had last time were events we put on ourselves. But I want to work with the Host Committee to make sure that we have a lot more available because there just wasn't much," Gillmor said.
Zaileen Janmohame, President and CEO of the Bay Area Host Committee said Super Bowl 60 will be similar to Super Bowl 50, but planning fan engagement is very unique to the Bay Area.
"I think we're looking at San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and the East Bay to make sure we're bring the event to fans. I think some of the things you're going to see are going to be similar to Super Bowl 50, you'll see a lot of the pre-game day activities happening in San Francisco and a lot of the game-day activities happen in the Santa Clara area," Janmohamed said.
San Jose resident Dean Mai worked in San Francisco during Super Bowl 50.
"Even if you really didn't like sports, like the draw the attraction the atmosphere it just brings life into the city you know," Mai said.
His friend Enzo Mai who also lives in San Jose went to the fan experience in San Francisco where he saw Alicia Keys play for free.
"I'm actually thankful that I live in a big city like this for us to have it a second time," Enzo Mai said.
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