Lugano: Argentina was helped to World Cup win with four penalties that were wrongly awarded – Marca

Uruguayan legend Diego Lugano denounced the apparent favoring of Argentina in the last World Cup in Qatar
Diego Lugano is a legend of Uruguayan soccer. He was tough, he used to get a lot of cards… and now he is sowing controversy with an opinion that tries to ruin the world championship achieved by Argentina in 2022. Lugano bemoaned the referee’s treatment in favor of the Argentines.
“They helped Argentina become champions. Four of the five penalties they were awarded were not penalties,” said the 42-year-old former center-back in an interview on Uruguay’s Radio Carve. “That was a reality. But, well, it’s also Lionel Messi‘s merit, who has a lot of weight worldwide. Do you think FIFA doesn’t see it and doesn’t use it? It is also to Argentina’s credit, who knew how to take advantage of that,” he said.
The Uruguayan reasoned those refereeing favors: “Since the introduction of VAR, the referee is given excessive power to interpret whatever he wants at any time. In a match there can be 20 penalties or none at all and I think soccer is in chaos. I said that to Pierluigi Colina (former UEFA referee) in the World Cup, with some anger, for what he did to us. And it happens in Argentina too. Didn’t you see Boca‘s penalty against River? I think that what FIFA did with the VAR is a purely political move,” ended Lugano.
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