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NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană concluded his trip to Washington D.C. on Sunday (14 May) with an address at the Virginia Tech commencement ceremony. Speaking to over 120 new Virginia Tech graduates and their family and friends, Mr Geoană emphasised the significance of future talent in driving technological innovation in today’s more competitive and dangerous world.
“The meaning of security has radically changed. And so has the job of keeping us safe. It is not only something our men and women in uniform do. It is something we all do. Societal resilience is our first line of defense.” He further underlined the importance of technological innovation, “to remain strong and to be even stronger in an era of great-power competition, it is essential that we continue to work together to sharpen our technological edge.” Mr. Geoană also emphasized how Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has shattered the rules-based international order, “this order that has kept us safe, and ensured our prosperity for over seven decades, that places personal freedom, democracy and the rule of law above the petty desires of autocrats and dictators.”
He concluded his address through encouraging the next generation to drive innovation, “You are not only the future great innovators of your generation, but also the guardians of our freedom, of human dignity, and of our security… I want you to be the champions of innovation in everything you do, in every corner of the world, in every piece of your personal, professional or community lives. Be the champions of innovation.”
During his trip to Washington, Mr. Geoană also met with senior U.S. officials, including the Leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy and the Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman. He had talks with members of the Senate NATO Observer Group, Congressional US Delegation to NATO, House Select Intelligence Committee, House Armed Forces Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee as well as the Special Presidential Climate Envoy, John Kerry, and the Department of Defense’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Colin Khal, and Chief Digital and AI Officer, Dr Craig Martell. The Deputy Secretary General also participated in several public engagements, stressing the enduring value of NATO for both North America and Europe.
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