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Siege is constantly evolving, and the new gadget will likely impact how Attackers gather intel.
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor is adding multiple balancing updates at the end of May in the form of the new Observation Blocker gadget and a small update to Grim’s Kawan Hive gadget. 
Balancing is an essential concept in Siege. There are constant updates to operators, weapons, and gadgets to ensure a level playing field in every match. Operation Dread Factor has multiple updates and balancing changes, including a powerful new gadget. 
The Observation Blocker is a new intel denial gadget that projects a digital barrier. The barrier blocks the line of sight for opposing drones and observational tools, obscuring operators and devices on the other side. The barrier is only visible to drones and observation tools and is not visible to operators. 
The new gadget can help obscure operators and their devices during the Preparation Phase, making it harder for Attackers to locate objectives or track enemy movement. It can also help negate drones during a round. But drones can pass through the digital barrier, meaning Defenders will need to be wary of drones entering the area. 
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Year Eight, season two of Siege also introduces the first part of balancing changes to Grim that improve his Kawan Hive gadget. Grim’s Hives can now release their swarm charges faster and have an increased chance of catching a nearby Defender. The swarms are bigger and stay for a longer duration, but they track Defenders for a shorter time after they step out of the swarm. 
In addition, Operation Dread Factor is adding the new Swedish Defender Fenrir, a Consulate rework, and a permanent arcade playlist
Operation Dread Factor will be available in Siege on May 30. 
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