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The actress, who started out as a child artiste, has been a part of such interesting projects as Hum Chaar, Oka Chinna Family Story, Atithi Bhooto Bhava, and Imtiaz Ali’s short film Eyes For You.
Simran Sharma
Since she was a small child, actor Simran Sharma never wanted to be just one person — she wanted to be many people at the same time. “So, I thought what better way to live several lives and be many people in one life than being an actor? In no other profession can I be so many people and play different characters. I love being an actor,” she says.
The beautiful actress, who started out as a child artiste, has been a part of such interesting projects as Hum Chaar, Oka Chinna Family Story, Atithi Bhooto Bhava, and Imtiaz Ali’s short film Eyes For You among others. She is a part of the miniseries Staff Room, that released last week, and another untitled web show. The actress speaks about the same with us from the sets in Bhopal.

What’s your role in Staff Room?

I am playing Pranali, the new English teacher in the school and teaching is her passion. She is navigating her way through a new job in the series and exploring her equation with different characters in it. As the show begins the audience gets introduced to the Staff Room along with Pranali and sees it through her eyes.
What’s your role in this upcoming untitled web series?
It is a college-based show directed by Harsh Mainra and I am playing a college student in it. It is an interesting story with multiple plot lines intertwined in some way or the other. I prepared for the role by doing multiple reading sessions and workshops here in Mumbai before leaving for Bhopal where we are shooting the series right now. 
How did you bag the role in the web series?
My friend and stylist on many projects, Shewta, who is also working on this web series heard the story and suggested my name to the director and casting director for a particular role. They then contacted me to audition for the part. I did two rounds of auditions for the role and then got the news that I was on board.
How was your shooting experience in Bhopal?
Shooting in Bhopal is great. It is a lovely city.
Our cast comprises a big ensemble of actors including Rajesh Sharma, Faisal Malik, Rishab Chadha, Ronit Ashra, Mugdha Agarwal among many others. We all have become like a big family, now. Not only is it a lot of fun working with them but I also get to learn so many different things from each one of them. We would even visit temples and lakes on days we weren’t shooting and work out together too. It has been a good time. 

You have been in the acting industry for a while, what’s your learning experience
The most important lesson my work has taught me is patience. I always say that an actor’s job is to wait — we wait in queues for auditions, we wait for a callback, we wait for a good role, we then wait in the makeup chair to become a character and then wait for our shot. And then we also eagerly and excitedly wait for our work to release for ourselves and the world to see. So, my most important lesson is to be patient. 
What inspires you as an actor and how do you grow as an artiste?
Meeting new people, talking to them, and hearing their stories inspires me. Watching the good work of other actors inspires me. On some days epiphanies that occur in mundane moments inspire me. I try to find inspiration in different places and persons.
Who is your dream director?
There isn’t just one dream director, I want to work with everyone. But one name very high up on my list has been ticked off, — Imtiaz Ali. It was like a dream come true as I had been a fan of his work since I was a little girl. From Jab We Met to Tamasha I love all his films.
Your daily fitness and diet routine.
I mostly eat home-cooked meals and stay adequately hydrated. I feel these are the two important things we often underrate but they can go a long way and do wonders. My workout is usually a mix of weight training at the gym, jogs in the park, pranayam and swimming – all depending on the day and my mood.
Your fashion choices?
When it comes to fashion I truly believe less is more. I like to keep it simple. My wardrobe has a lot of neutral colours and pastels besides blacks and whites. My denim jacket is an essential piece of an outfit.
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