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Delhi Capitals celebrates the wicket of Abhishek Sharma of Sunrisers Hyderabad during match 34 of the Tata Indian Premier League between the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Deli Capitals held at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad on the 24th April 2023 Photo by: Vipin Pawar / SPORTZPICS for IPL
Here are all the highlights of the IPL 2023 match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals.


Mukesh with the last over. He has just 13 runs to defend and will be up against Washington Sundar.
The first ball is carved to the off side for a couple by Washington.
Mukesh holds his nerve with an inch-perfect yorker. Dot ball.
Another good yorker and all Washington can do is take a single.
He misses the length a bit, but Jansen can’t put him away. It is nine needed from two balls.
Penultimate ball and it is in the slot. But Washington can’t get it past the boundary. Just a single there. Capitals are almost through.
Exceptional final over from Mukesh Kumar. He has defended 13 runs off the last over to gift Delhi Capitals a second win of the season.
Washington gets one in the slot and he smacks it to the mid wicket fence for a FOUR!!!
SRH needs 13 from the last over
Klaasen offers a skier off Nortje and Marsh can’t get himself underneath that.
But he gives one more chance to Capitals and Aman Khan makes no mistake and Capitals gain a huge wicket.
Mukesh drifts on to Klaasen’s pads and the South African clips it with ease. Warner puts in a dive, but it slips underneath him for a FOUR!
Mukesh goes down the off side and Klaasen goes after him, getting another FOUR!
Sundar too gets a four, with an innovative scoop shot.
The chase is on!!
Nortje is up next. He goes with a bouncer against Washington and the youngster dabs it past third man for a four. Warner unhappy with the positioning of his fielder there.
Klaasen gets hold off a back of a length ball and smashes it leg side for a six.
This is building into a tense finish.
Kuldeep Yadav with his last over. This has been a fantastic spell from the left-arm spinner. He finishes with 1/22.
SRH can’t get a boundary as Axar sneaks in another economical over in.
The home side needs 56 runs in the last five overs.
Axar Patel with the 15th.
He pushes a fast, straight one through and all Markram can do is to slice it onto his stumps. Capitals can smell a win here as SRH is running out of batters.
Warner persists with Kuldeep Yadav and the squeeze continues.
He loops one and Abhishek Sharma gently taps it back to the bowler.
Capitals in control now.
Ishant Sharma is reintroduced into the attack.
He puts it in the right area and all the struggling Tripathi can do is to nick it to the keeper.
SRH is stumbling in this chase and it Capitals who are on the ascend.
Axar Patel is back in.
He holds his length back and on-the-charge Mayank Agarwal can only scoop, rather timidly, to long on and he falls one short of his fifty.
SRH loses its second.
Finally, Mayank breaks free.
Marsh offers him some width and Mayank crashes it through the off-side for a FOUR!
Half a chance there for DC as Mayank flicks one and it falls just short of short fine leg.
Kuldeep Yadav with his second over and he maintains the pressure on SRH.
Tripathi and Mayank unable to get boundaries as Capitals continue their fight back in this game.
Mitchell Marsh is the next Capitals bowler to get an over.
Tripathi has found it hard to get going so far. Marsh oversteps and gifts Mayank a freehit. Marsh goes for a bounces and all Mayank can do is to top-edge it back for a couple.
SRH’s chase isn’t taking off.
Warner tosses the ball to Kuldeep Yadav. He begins with a wrong-un, deceiving Mayank.
One more wrong-un and this time it strikes Mayank on the pad. Loud appeals, but Capitals don’t go up as it feels it pitch down the leg side.
Axar Patel on to his second over.
Once again he keeps it sharp and tight, concedes just six runs in that over.
Rahul Tripathi is the new batter out in the middle and he too is troubled by the pace of Nortje. An awkward fend at a bouncer sees him escape to the other end.
Mayank, meanwhile, pumps one straight past Nortje for yet another boundary.
Nortje puts an end to Brook’s painstaking stay at the crease.
The Englishman opts to go for a ramp, onlt for the ball to crash on to the stumps. SRH loses its first wicket.
In comes Axar Patel.
An almost-error-free over from the left-arm spinner. He beats Mayank’s outside edge with a quick one, follows it up with a darter into the body to get a couple of dot balls in.
Once again, Mayank cuts loose on the very last ball. Again, it is through the cover region that he gets his boundary.
Mukesh Kumar gets his first over.
Mukesh hits the good length consistently, making it hard for either of Mayank or Brook to go after him, until the last ball. He offers a little width and Mayank crashes him through covers for another Four!
Ishant Sharma continues on from the other end.
Mayank continues his elegant touch. This time a slick cut shot for a four. He is making up for his opening partner’s struggle at the other end.
Notje with the second over.
He nips one into Brook and it goes between his bat and pad. There was a sound and that forces Warner to go up for a late review. Just the pad and Brook survives.
Mayank steps out to the leg side to loft Nortje straight back for his second FOUR!
Ishant Sharma with a gem of a first over.
First he beats Brook with an out-swinger. Then he jags one back in, with Brook opting to leave it, only for the ball to miss the top of the off-stump by a whisker.
Then he extracts an edge off Mayank, only for Marsh to put down a tough chance at first slip.
Agarwal makes it up with a cover drive for a FOUR!
Mayank Agarwal and Harry Brook are out. Ishant Sharma with the new ball for DC.
Warner would be hoping Ishant will provide his side with an early breakthrough in its defence of a below-par total.
Delhi Capitals has itself to blame for a total that looks to be below-par. The team got off to a decent start, scoring 49 runs in the PowerPlay. But Warner’s dismissal triggered a mini-collapse. Axar Patel and Manish Pandey’s efforts steered the side past 100 but the duo too perished when the time to accelerate came. Sunrisers Hyderabad was excellent in field and if it follows up that with the bat, it would bag another two points in IPL 2023.
Bhuvneshwar for the final over of the innings. Patel with a swing and a miss. RUN OUT! Patel hits it to deep square and there is room for just one. Nortje, however, sets off for a second and is caught out of his crease. Kuldeep Yadav gets a yorker on his first delivery. OUT! Another run out. A swing and a miss from Yadav and the batters want to steal a bye. Klaasen hits the striker’s end and Patel is short of his crease. Ishant Sharma takes one run with a punch to long on. FOUR! Cheeky! Kuldeep with a reverse scoop on the final delivery to send the ball past short third.
IN – Rahul Tripathi | OUT – T Natarajan
Natarajan to bowl the 19th. OUT! Pandey is run out! He hits one to deep mid-wicket and a fumble gives him the chance to steal a couple. Sundar with an immaculate throw from the deep allows Klaasen to dislodge the bails before Pandey is back. Anrich Nortje is the new batter. Off the mark with a single to long off. Patel misses to capitalise on a full toss. Hits it on the on side but gets just one. Six off the over.
Kumar is back. Pandey on strike. Starts with a single to covers. The second delivery rushes into Axar. He wanted to play it across the line and misses. Gets a leg bye. Kumar nails a yorker on the third delivery to Pandey. One run to long off. OUT! Axar is undone by a yorker! DC is six down. Ripal Patel is the new batter and takes a single with a clip to long on.
Markande to Pandey. Another inside edge. Goes to square leg and one run taken. Axar with a swing and a miss. DC has reviewed the ball for a wide. Unsuccessful! A review wasted. FOUR! Wide and Axar cuts. Pierces the point and third man fielder. FOUR again. Steps out and sends iti over the bowlers head. Third boundary off the over. It’s short again and Axar cuts it to find the deep cover fence. Two runs to end the over. 15 off it. Axar looks like he wants to get a move on!
Sundar for his last over. Pandey gets a run on the second ball to long off. Axar misses a slog sweep. Takes just one with a mishit to deep square. Inside Edge! Pandey wants to pack this wide delivery over cover but gets a thick inside. Runs two by the time the ball is fielded at fine leg. Another couple with a slap to deep square leg. The pair brings up their 50 partnership. One run to deep mid-wicket to end the over. Seven came from it.
Natarajan back into the attack. Pandey punches his first delivery to long on for one run. Axar hits on the up and takes the aerial but cannot beat the long off fielder. Has to contend with a single. Pandey with a push to long off on the third delivery. FOUR! Much needed. Axar steps out and wants launches the ball over covers. The bat turns and takes the ball slightly squarer. The result is still what the batter wanted.
Malik to continue. Axar runs a quick single with a push to mid off. The fielder’s direct hit almost allows him to take another. FOUR! Pandey punishes a wide, over-pitched delivery to the fence through covers. Six runs from the over.
Markram to Axar. A drive to long on for a single. Pandey works it to long on for another run. Axar punches the third ball to deep cover for one run. Two runs. Pandey makes room and hits it past covers. Another single with a checked drive to long off. Another single from Axar to long off. Seven runs from the over.
Umran Malik to Pandey. FOUR. On the pads first up and Pandey glances it to the square leg boundary. Four singles more from the over to make it an eight-run over.
Markande to Axar. Axar pulls a short delivery to long on where Mayank Agarwal makes a diving effort to save two runs. A single on the fourth delivery to mid wicket. Pandey cuts for a run. Four off the over.
Washington Sundar continues from the other end.
Axar Patel and Manish Pandey opt to take it easy against the spinner, considering the situation their team is stuck in. Just three singles for DC in this over.
Axar Patel is the new batter for DC. Markande gets a crack against two new batters, courtesy of a triple-strike over from his spin partner.
The leggie keeps it tight. Just seven runs in that over and we have the strategic timeout.
Washington Sundar removes David Warner.
Again shoots one onto Warner’s pads, but the left-hander can only scoop it to fine leg, where Brook takes a low catch. Capitals loses their skipper and in walks Manish Pandey.
Washington gets one more!! Another one drifted down the leg side and Sarfaraz almost duplicates Warner’s shot. Bhuvi at fine leg pouches that one.
Wait. There is more. New batter Aman Khan edges one and it is a skier and Abhishek Sharma is out too.
Three in an over for Washington and SRH in absolute control.
Leg spin is introduced in the form of Mayank Markande. He bowls to Sarfaraz. Swept to deep square for a single. Warner pulls to long on for another run. FOUR! Warner sees the ball dragged short and he stays put in his crease and powers it through covers.
Jansen to Warner. Starts with one run. SIX! Sarfaraz hits a good-length delivery on the up and lifts it over mid off. Another review. Jansen with a straight delivery strikes the pads but the umpire denies the appeals. This had pitched outside leg and SRH loses the review. A single to third man to end the over.
Natarajan for his first over. Marsh on strike. FOUR. Marsh looks to play it straight but the bat turns in his hand. Still enough connection to take the ball over mid-wicket and to the boundary. Appeals for leg before. The ball moves back into Marsh and he cannot get his bat across in time. SRH has asked for a review. The ball tracker shows three reds and Marsh is OUT! Sarfaraz Khan walks out. He late cuts to third man to get off the mark. Warner ends with a cut to deep backward point.
Washington Sunder brought into the attack. Marsh gets a single off the third delivery. FOUR. Marsh sweeps a delivery drifting down leg. SIX! Warner slog sweeps a full delivery over mid-wicket. Cuts a back-of-a-length delivery on the final ball. Two runs taken.
Kumar to Marsh. Single with a tap to backward point. Kumar with a stump-to-stump line keeps Warner from scoring for the next five deliveries.
Marco Jansen to Marsh. FOUR. On the middle stump line, Marsh clips it over square leg. FOUR again! On the pads and Marsh guides it to the fine-leg fence. Third FOUR from the over. Over-pitched and Marsh with a square drive on front foot. Boundaries Galore! This time Marsh plays it along the ground through covers. Three runs to end the over. 19 came from it.
Kumar to Warner. Starts with one on the pads and Warner works it to square leg. No run. Warner mishits a cut. Not enough room. But, Salt is smart to get a single. OUT! Salt falls for a golden duck. He follows a delivery that swings away from him. Gets an edge and Klaasen does the rest behind stumps. Mitchell Marsh is the new batter. He gets one on his pads and collects a leg bye.
Phil Salt and David Warner to start the innings for the Capitals. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to take the new ball for SRH.
The players are making their way to the centre. We’re moments away from start of the match.
Sportstar caught up with Sachin Tendulkar for his 50th birthday. The Master Blaster speaks about the future of cricket and gender equality in the sport, among other things.
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Sunrisers Hyderabad: Nitish Reddy, Vivrant Sharma, Glenn Phillips, Mayank Dagar, Rahul Tripathi
Delhi Capitals: Mukesh Kumar, Lalit Yadav, Praveen Dubey, Chetan Sakariya, Yash Dhull
Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): Abhishek Sharma, Harry Brook, Aiden Markram(c), Mayank Agarwal, Heinrich Klaasen(w), Marco Jansen, Washington Sundar, Mayank Markande, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, T Natarajan, Umran Malik
Delhi Capitals (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Philip Salt(w), Mitchell Marsh, Manish Pandey, Sarfaraz Khan, Axar Patel, Aman Hakim Khan, Ripal Patel, Anrich Nortje, Kuldeep Yadav, Ishant Sharma
David Warner: Looks a nice surface with an even sheen. Hope we can get runs on board. We have to be consistent. One change – Sarafaraz Khan comes in for Prithvi Shaw. My mindset here is to see the crowd. Come out here and put my best foot forward.
Aiden Markram: We would have bowled first. Looks a surface that should not get worse. Can only get better. It is an important game for us we need to start getting points on board. To the team, there’s one change to the 16. Nitish Reddy comes to the 16.
Rashid Khan – 15 wickets in 12 innings
Kagiso Rabada – 14 wickets in 8 innings
Bhuvneshwar Kumar – 14 wickets in 16 innings
Kevin Pietersen: It looks like not that much sideways movement as far as seam bowling is considered. It is dry enough to grip. If you are batting first it is a 180 wicket.
Shikhar Dhawan – 575 runs in 19 innings
David Warner – 558 runs in 18 innings
Kane Williamson – 493 runs in 14 innings
The Aussie batter plied his trade for the Sunrisers for seven seasons. Here are his stats at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium:
Innings: 31
Runs: 1602
Average: 66.75
Strike Rate: 161.65
50s: 15
100s: 3
HS: 126
SRH highest score vs DC: 219/2 (20); Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 88 runs – Dubai 2020
SRH lowest score vs DC: 116 (18.5); Delhi Capitals won by 39 runs – Hyderabad 2019
DC highest score vs SRH: 207/3 (20); Delhi Capitals won by 21 runs – Mumbai 2022
DC lowest score vs SRH: 80 (19.1); Sunrisers Hyderabad won by six wickets – Hyderabad 2013
SRH highest individual score vs DC: Shikhar Dhawan 92* (50) – Delhi 2018
SRH best bowling figures vs DC: Rashid Khan 3/7 (4) – Dubai 2020
DC highest individual score vs SRH: Rishabh Pant 128*(63) – Delhi 2018
DC best bowling figures vs SRH: JP Duminy 4/17 (3) – Visakhapatnam 2015
IPL 2023 Points Table: Updated standings after KKR vs CSK match – Chennai on top with five wins
Played: 48
Won: 30
Lost: 17
Tied: 1
Win/Loss Ratio: 1.875
Played: 8
SRH: 5
DC: 3
Last Result: Delhi Capitals won by 39 runs (2019)
Wicketkeeper: Heinrich Klaasen
Batters: Rahul Tripathi, Abhishek Sharma, Harry Brook (vc), Prithvi Shaw
All-rounders: Axar Patel (c), Aiden Markram
Bowlers: Kuldeep Yadav, Anrich Nortje, Mayank Markande, Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Delhi Capitals Predicted XI (batting first): David Warner (c), Prithvi Shaw, Mitchell Marsh, Yash Dhull, Manish Pandey, Axar Patel, Lalit Yadav, Aman Khan, Abishek Porel (wk), Kuldeep Yadav, Anrich Nortje,
Delhi Capitals predicted XI (bowling first): David Warner (c), Mitchell Marsh, Yash Dhull, Manish Pandey, Axar Patel, Lalit Yadav, Aman Khan, Abishek Porel (wk), Kuldeep Yadav, Anrich Nortje, Mustafizur Rahman.
DC Impact Player options: Prithvi Shaw, Mustafizur Rahman, Chetan Sakariya, Phil Salt, Sarfaraz Khan.
SRH predicted XI (batting first): Harry Brook, Abhishek Sharma, Rahul Tripathi, Aiden Markram (C), Mayank Agarwal, Heinrich Klaasen (WK), Washington Sundar, Adil Rashid, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, T Natarajan, Mayank Markande
SRH predicted XI (bowling first): Harry Brook, Abhishek Sharma, Aiden Markram (C), Mayank Agarwal, Heinrich Klaasen (WK), Washington Sundar, Adil Rashid, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, T Natarajan, Mayank Markande, Kartik Tyagi
Impact Player options: Mayank Agarwal, Upendra Yadav, Marco Jansen, Mayank Dagar, Kartik Tyagi.
In the last 10 matches that Axar Patel has played, including the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Tests against Australia, the all-rounder has scored 285 runs with two half-centuries and has remained unbeaten on four occasions.
It is this transformation that has made Axar a ‘world-class’ power-hitter in the eyes of Delhi Capitals’ assistant coach Shane Watson.
Played: 21
SRH: 11
DC: 9
Tied: 1
Last Result: Delhi Capitals won by 21 runs (Mumbai, 2022)
The coin flip has favoured David Warner in four of Delhi’s six matches so far. However, the side won only one of those four games. Aiden Markram has been around for SRH at coin flips five times this season, winning three of them.
SRH: Abdul Samad, Aiden Markram (c), Rahul Tripathi, Glenn Phillips, Abhishek Sharma, Marco Jansen, Washington Sundar, Fazalhaq Farooqi, Kartik Tyagi, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, T Natarajan, Umran Malik, Harry Brook, Mayank Agarwal, Heinrich Klaasen, Adil Rashid, Mayank Markande, Vivrant Sharma, Samarth Vyas, Sanvir Singh, Upendra Yadav, Mayank Dagar, Nitish Kumar Reddy, Akeal Hosein, Anmolpreet Singh.
DC: David Warner (c), Prithvi Shaw, Ripal Patel, Rovman Powell, Sarfaraz Khan, Yash Dhull, Mitchell Marsh, Lalit Yadav, Axar Patel, Anrich Nortje, Chetan Sakariya, Priyam Garg, Khaleel Ahmed, Lungi Ngidi, Mustafizur Rahman, Aman Khan, Kuldeep Yadav, Praveen Dubey, Vicky Ostwal, Ishant Sharma, Phil Salt, Mukesh Kumar, Manish Pandey, Rilee Rossouw.
Which TV channels will broadcast SRH vs DC IPL 2023 match?
The Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Capitals IPL match will be telecast live across the Star Sports network from 7:30 PM IST.
Where is the SRH vs DC IPL 2023 live streaming available?
The Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Capitals IPL match can be live streamed on the Jio Cinemas app/website.
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) will aim to get its IPL campaign back on track when it takes on Delhi Capitals (DC) at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium here on Monday.
DC snapped its five-game losing streak after securing a nervy four-wicket win against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) to register its first points. DC has two points with just one win and five losses from its six games.

IPL 2023: Sunrisers Hyderabad looking to turn the tide against Delhi Capitals

IPL 2023: Sunrisers Hyderabad looking to turn the tide against Delhi Capitals
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