Tech News: Centime rolls out upgraded 2023 release – Accounting Today

Centime rolled out an upgraded 2023 release; Clarus Solutions rebranded to Arvo Tech and added new leaders and upgrades; E&Y is working with IBM on ESG; and other accounting technology news.
Shady operators and questionable calculators make the Employee Retention Credit a risky area for practitioners.
The service provided some leeway on foreign income reporting requirements to people who needed to flee Ukraine, China, Belarus, Iraq, Ethiopia and Mali.
Chairman and CEO Alan Whitman stepped down abruptly from leading the Chicago-based firm after working there and a predecessor firm for 20 years and nearly seven years as CEO.
The financial automation software provider is expanding its services in the aftermath of the SVB crash.
Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks and TurboTax, announced the launch of its new Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Index.
Building strong relationships with clients is more critical than ever, especially for firm owners who want to improve client retention.
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