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By Patrick Cavanaugh
Toy Story 3 was long considered by fans to be an impressive conclusion to the Toy Story franchise, which made audiences confused that Disney and Pixar would develop a Toy Story 4, and while the film was a financial success, many fans felt it was a step down for the franchise. This meant that the announcement that a Toy Story 5 was in the works, especially after last year’s Lightyear, continued to perplex audiences, with star Tim Allen revealing that the script was in the works for quite some time, but that Disney didn’t want to announce any details of it until the script was in a place that the cast and crew were happy with.
Toy Story 5 had been kind of laid down quite a while ago, but we just couldn’t get into it. Then Disney announced it about two months ago,” Allen shared with Daily Mail. “So I’ve made friends with all of the people in Toy Story, especially Tom Hanks. So for that, I’m blessed to have these friends in my life. I love that character. I love that story. So I always wait to see the script.”
Allen also expressed how a fifth film has been in the works while Lightyear was being developed, though he was discouraged from talking about it, even while Lightyear was heading to theaters.
“They came up with that. I think it’s getting close and I said unless it could have been done really well I know that the crew didn’t want to do it,” the actor shared of Toy Story 5. “So none of us could mention any of this. Even when all the ancillary Buzz or Lightyear movie was coming out, this was all in play. So it was kind of peculiar. That’s all.”
When Lightyear was announced by Disney, there was some confusion ahead of release about the premise of the adventure, with fans ultimately learning it was an in-world film that was seemingly the inspiration for the Buzz Lightyear toy. The ambitious nature of that approach served somewhat as a storytelling hurdle for average audiences, with Allen thinking it was especially perplexing to those involved directly in making the films
“They were two completely different movies. And Chris [Evans] did a great job doing an ancillary part,” the actor admitted. “It was very confusing to all of us on the Toy Story movie side, which was real? I’m a script guy, so if Buzz is real, then Chris’s version of it was, as an actor doing it, real confusing to me.”
Toy Story 5 doesn’t currently have a release date.
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