Tinder updates community guidelines to promote authenticity and inclusivity – The Indian Express

Tinder has announced changes to its existing community guidelines aimed at promoting safe and healthy dating behaviors on its platform. The company revealed the updated guidelines as part of its continuous efforts to create a fun and secure space for users to meet new people.
The new Community Guidelines focus on three key principles: authenticity, inclusivity, and respect. The aim is to help users make meaningful connections while using the app.
Ehren Schlue, SVP of Member Strategy at Tinder, stated that the majority of the app’s members are aged between 18 and 25, with many experiencing dating for the first time. The policy refresh is intended to remind and educate users about healthy dating habits both online and in real life.
To ensure authenticity, the guidelines prohibit the promotion of businesses, false personas, or the spread of false information. Tinder members must be themselves and use the platform to form genuine connections with other users. “To help combat this, Tinder will remove social handles from public bios,” states the platform.
Tinder says that ‘Respect’ is a fundamental value for the platform, and the updated guidelines highlight the importance of respecting boundaries, keeping chats private, and leading with kindness. Users who engage in harmful behaviour, either on or offline, will face serious consequences. The company reminds that features like ‘Are You Sure?’ and ‘Does This Bother You’ help fight against potentially harmful language.
Inclusivity is another key value, and the guidelines promote respectful communication while prohibiting any form of hatred, bigotry, or violence. To promote a safe and inclusive space for all members, potential matches cannot be filtered by ethnicity.
Tinder says it supports all relationship types but reminds those in poly and open relationships that they should create separate accounts for each partner and use Tinder’s recently released Relationship Types profile feature to make their goals clear to matches.
Finally, Tinder recognises that people make mistakes, and in some cases, warnings will be issued instead of an immediate removal from the app.


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