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6 March 2023
Vitalograph, a developer and producer of respiratory diagnostic devices, has launched its VitaloPFT Pulmonary Function Testing Series, aimed for use in secondary care. 
The launch took place in Dubai, at the annual Arab Health Exhibition where industry experts from all over the world gather to showcase and discuss the latest innovations in healthcare.
The VitaloPFT launch was supported by minister for trade promotion and digital transformation, Dara Calleary TD, and Irish ambassador to the UAE, Alison Milton, as part of an Enterprise Ireland trade mission to the United Arab Emirates.
The new VitaloPFT Series delivers advanced respiratory diagnostic solutions to hospitals and other secondary care units that demand complex pulmonary function testing.
Renowned for its highly accurate and reliable spirometry solutions, Vitalograph’s latest addition embodies the company’s advanced respiratory diagnostics expertise and delivers versatility and value to healthcare providers.
Addressing the launch, Calleary, said: “Vitalograph is an excellent example of the high calibre of innovation that the Irish medtech sector is renowned for. This ground-breaking launch, on its 60th anniversary, reflects the position of expertise it commands in this highly evolved area of healthcare diagnostics.”
Speaking at the launch, Vitalograph CEO Frank Keane said: “Respiratory diagnostics can enable real progress in detecting disease earlier and can vastly improve how people monitor and manage respiratory conditions. The expansion of Vitalograph’s respiratory diagnostics portfolio to include advanced PFT solutions is a timely development, as healthcare systems worldwide embrace a proactive approach to healthcare.
“Whether respiratory function testing is required in the workplace, at a bedside, or in a hospital clinic, Vitalograph delivers innovative and highly effective solutions. We meet the complex needs of entire health institutions by delivering respiratory diagnostic solutions efficiently throughout their system, at every stage of respiratory disease progression.”
The addition of the VitaloPFT series to the Vitalograph portfolio of products means the company is now the manufacturer with the largest array of respiratory diagnostic solutions in the world. The R&D and manufacture of these complex medical devices are based in the company’s Irish operations in Ennis, County Clare and in Limerick, involving a highly skilled workforce.
Vitalograph went on to showcase its entire suite of respiratory diagnostic solutions at the Arab Health Exhibition, where the new PFT Series was introduced to supply partners and healthcare professionals from all over the world. This is the start of a phased global release of the new VitaloPFT Series.
6 March 2023
Med Tech Ireland Sponsorship new
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