Top model sisters Bella vs Gigi Hadid's Net Worth.

Although Gigi Hadid is a year older than Bella, Gigi started modelling much younger than Bella.

Gigi travelled to New York to attend college while her sister Bella was introduced to modelling up till she was 16.

At the same time that both of them signed with IMG Models. Gigi had previously appeared on the NY Fashion Week runways a year later.

The Hadid sisters have worked together on modelling campaigns for brands like Fendi, Moschino.

They have also worked individually as models in highly lucrative contracts for a number of other well-known companies.

Gigi Hadid's net worth is projected to be $29M, while Bella Hadid's is predicted to be $25M, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

With an estimated $10M in annual earnings, Gigi and Bella Hadid are among the highest-paid models in the world.