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Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl — The early aughts ushered in a golden era for the New York social set – a generation of rich young women desperate to recreate the success of Paris Hilton and Tinsley Mortimer, keener than ever to show off their fortunes and one-up each other on nightly red carpets. New York City in 2007 was a world of excess never before seen in the public sphere and, suddenly, socialites were celebrities. Gossip blogs like Gawker and Socialite Rank went viral and began sowing chaos and paranoia among the mega-wealthy. In the midst of these drama-filled, and often cruel, publications, a mysterious website called Park Avenue Peerage debuted with nuanced insight and praise for these women that were being torn down on a daily basis by the tabloid media. The anonymous blogger? Definitely not who you’d expect. Olivia Palermo, shown. (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)
Years ago, there existed a time in which gossip was a much-needed currency that one needed to exchange to become a big deal in New York. Anyone who had the inside details on the elites of the upper class would immediately garner the attention of everyone, which, for some, was a blessing, and, for others, a curse.
Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl is a Hulu original film that explores this infamous time period (known as the Heiress Era), giving us all the information on the rise of gossip culture as well as what exactly caused led to the eventual fall of this era. What’s more, the 2023 release dives into the lives of those majorly affected by the popularity of huge blog sites, some of which you may remember reading back in the day.
All in all, you don’t want to miss a single second of this title, so read on to learn everything there is to know about Queenmaker!
Queenmaker follows the life of an anonymous blogger who writes for Park Avenue Peerage, a gossip site that had the power to create and destroy any individual with just one published article. The blogger relished in her power, as it brought her all the inner satisfaction she could ever want. However, when public recognition puts her identity in jeopardy, she realizes that she may have bit off more than she could chew.
Read more of the official synopsis (via Hulu Press) below:

See all this and more in the official trailer for Queenmaker here.
By watching this Hulu release, you’ll understand just how celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie rose to fame simply by being popular enough to catch the attention of popular bloggers. In turn, you’ll also become more knowledgeable on why this Heiress Era can’t be replicated again, at least, in the way we’re familiar with.
Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl is now streaming exclusively on Hulu!
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