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It is never a dull day for tech reporters out there, and 2023 is turning out to be even more special. So, we decided to give you a quick tech news roundup for this week. Also Read – Nokia C32 with dual cameras and IP52 rating launched in India
The big four is on a roll this week as there is a lot of material from Meta, Twitter, Google, and Apple. While of course there are rumours, it was Google I/O 2023 so actual releases are also equally interesting. But I digress, let’s start this week’s roundup where we tell you all the important tech updates from the week in a nutshell. Also Read – New Twitter bug is restoring deleted tweets for hundreds of users
As the TRAI tighten the noose around spam calls and SMS, scammers are now moving to WhatsApp. You get a missed call from a foreign number to check if the number is present on WhatsApp. Then a different number messages you about a part-time work-from-home job. Also Read – WhatsApp's latest update lets you edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them
We have thoroughly covered how these scams are increasing and how WhatsApp plans to curb them. So you can read about it in the linked articles.
Before we move on, there’s another WhatsApp development this week. WhatsApp is coming to Wear OS, which means if you have an Android smartwatch, you can try it right now. While that’s great, Meta has decided to kill off  FB Messenger for Apple Watch.
Moving on, the golden age of AI is also enabling a new kind of evil. Scammers are now lifting your voice data from Instagram, YouTube & TikTok, and using it to clone your voice. They then send voice notes to your friends and family, asking for financial help. A report says that such scammers successfully duped almost 80% of their victims into sending money.
While that may be scary, we should turn our attention to Spotify and Google. This week Spotify removed thousands of AI-generated songs, and Google is soon giving us tools to differentiate AI content from the real deal. About time, Google.
We could not make this weekly roundup without Google Bard. This AI is Google’s answer to ChatGPT, and you can now try it out. Google showed off its latest AI search to the world, and everyone is fairly impressed. Aside from the AI results, we also got the new Android 14, and tons of new features across Google apps.
The Google Pixel tablet is also out now, and it has some features you must know about. While that’s a budget device, the Google Pixel Fold is a premium offering, which gives you a stock Android experience in a foldable.
One almost wonders if Apple is going to shut down Siri or give make it better than Bard and ChatGPT. We can only wait for the WWDC 2023 to find out.
After the headphone jack, Apple was set to remove solid-state buttons from the iPhone. However, the latest rumours confirm it isn’t happening this year. The Apple supplier who was supposed to deliver this tech has confirmed it is scrapped. So you can have one more year of physically clicking buttons on the iPhone.
But Apple also quietly stole Google’s thunder again. The company announced Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad. Android tablets just started catching up to the iPad, and it was only a matter of time before Apple used its M-series chips to their full potential.
Twitter recently had a security hiccup that made all private circle tweets public. While that got resolved, Musk dropped another bomb, saying the platform will delete inactive accounts that haven’t posted anything in years. So if you hit a follower drop on Twitter, you know why it happened.
The “Chief Twit” is apparently stepping down from his position. Musk had been actively looking for a new CEO for Twitter, and rumours suggest it is Linda Yaccarino, and here’s everything we know about her.
India is about to be treated with a host of new phones releasing soon. But before we get to that, you should check out the top 10 phones under 15,000 that can play COD Mobile. Now, here’s a list of some exciting phones this week:
We have to ask this question now, thanks to Asus. The Asus ROG Ally debuted this week, and it runs Windows 11. While it is a gaming console, you can use it as a laptop of sorts, if you have a keyboard and mouse.  If consoles don’t amuse you, Dell launched the Alienware M16 and X14 R2 laptops, so do check those out.
It is safe to say that this has been a rather buzzy week for tech. While we hope innovation keeps innovating, there is a spike in the way scams happen. Rounding up, don’t forget to enjoy all the new tech coming your way, but be safe when you do so.
Be more aware of your privacy, online presence, and the apps you trust with your data. That is all for this weekly tech news roundup. Keep reading Techlusive for more.
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WhatsApp scams, upcoming phones, what is a laptop: Tech news roundup
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