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Those wondering if there will be a new Harry Potter movie in 2023 have probably heard the rumors about a new Wizarding World release. Though Voldemort is defeated, there are surely still stories to tell about Harry Potter and/or the wider magical population. Here’s the need-to-know information about any new Harry Potter movies.
No, a new Harry Potter movie is not scheduled for 2023.
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While it’s possible that a movie will be announced and then released shortly after, Harry Potter movies normally get a reveal trailer that helps build hype for the upcoming release. Unfortunately, for those hoping to see a new Harry Potter movie release this year, there has been no such trailer and no rumblings about a new film focusing on Harry.
No, it’s unlikely that a new Wizarding World movie will release this year.
While there is certainly potential for a new Wizarding World film to be announced this year, it’s unlikely that it will also release in 2023. Wizarding World fans should treat a new trailer as a best-case scenario, though it’s possible that there will be no movie reveals for this year.
Harry Potter fever never really dies down, as more and more people are introduced to the movies and/or books, breathing new life into the story of a boy wizard. Therefore, the hype surrounding a potential new movie, no matter how sketchy the rumors are, is always quick to build. This can rapidly snowball as the wider internet takes hold.
While there isn’t a Harry Potter or Wizarding World movie confirmed to be in the works, we do know that a TV show is being made. For the gamers out there, news of a multiplayer Quidditch game may interest you.
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